Throughout the challenge I have made both mental and physical changes but the best thing for me through this has been the mental changes I have made around food, fueling my body, and the ability to balance my food intake and exercise. The organization from the plan provided allowed me to become mentally stronger and feel more confident in the body I have while also seeing some physical changes! I am down about 5lbs, with an inch off each body part I measure (hips, waist, chest, thighs, butt). Although the physical changes have been great, the biggest thing for me has been the mental challenges around guilt following a day or weekend of “not eating the best”, I now know that there is room to have these days and weekends while still seeing progress. This shift in mindset will allow me to succeed into the future while continuing to make small changes which will benefit me in the long run! Slow and steady is better than the yo-yo diet I have been following my entire life, I cannot thank you or this challenge enough for opening my eyes to this, being there for support and helping me (even with out tracking calories - as this is a trigger for me). I am able to focus on the big picture now, which has allowed me to stop comparing (as much, I’m still human) and focusing on my own journey rather than focusing on the journey of those around me as we all go at our own pace. Moving forward I hope to continue with this mindset and healthier relationship in regards to food and exercise that I have experienced in the last 60 days as a result of this program and the support from you and the group. The constant check ins have been incredible and kept me motivated. 



“Thank you so much for this challenge, I cannot begin to thank you enough for the support and help you’ve given me over the past 60 days! I have completely improved my mindset regarding food and exercise… which has been an empowering feeling. Of course some days are better than others but overall I feel more confident in myself and the decisions I’m making.


I didn’t have a ton of physical change, but my mindset, body image, and how body feels has changed tremendously. I also feel a good bit stronger than before the challenge, my endurance for workouts has increased substantially and I feel like my core strength has increased a lot as well. Although I went into the challenge wanting to see my body get more toned, I feel like even though that hasn’t changed much I am still extremely happy with my results because the past 60 days have taught me a lot in terms of healthy eating and making time for exercise each day. I also feel like even though my body hasn’t changed much I a lot happier with how I look now because I am more aware of my body’s capability and strength, so I am thankful for what my body can do and how it looks. I plan to continue the macro counting and exercising daily so hopefully I will slowly start to see more results. 

Morgan Alvah.jpeg


“I find that I’m giving my current body more grace then just demanding that it be where I want it to be. I’ve put away the scale as I try to eat the right amount of calories and macros for my size and have been journaling a lot more which has allowed for a clearer head space. I fell off a few times during the challenge from 4th of July and a vacation two weeks ago but I still continued to work out and I feel that I am becoming more toned even though the changes don’t look major. I lost roughly 4 lbs which wasn’t as much as I would have liked but I also know that it brings me closer to my goals in a more achievable way. I’m not why I didn’t know to take photos every two weeks but I did have some from two weeks before the challenge (eating 1100 calories) and then from Monday eating (1350 not including pre and post workout calories)"


I loved working with Alexis! Through her program I was able to form healthier habits that I still continue to implement into my daily routines. When beginning the program I was most looking forward to having someone to hold me accountable and I feel as I got exactly that working with Alexis. She was always available for questions and always provided more information on the questions I had so I could better understand how my body functioned. I’m very grateful for my time working with Alexis!


“I saw a lot of changes in my body throughout this challenge, my favorite one is I haven’t been bloating as bad after meals which makes me so happy because that was one of my biggest insecurities!! Seeing these pictures shows how far this challenge has really made me come, thank you so much!!”