Personalized Coaching with the NBL Team!

Ready. Set. Get Healthy.

When was the last time your doctor asked you about what you eat? Or you had the opportunity to spend an hour with a trained professional discussing your healthy goals and having a healthy relationship with food? As your personal trainer and nutrition coach, I work with you to integrate healthy habits into your daily life. Taking a holistic approach, you work together on finding balance for better health in all areas of your life, both on and off the plate.


Clients accepted anywhere in the United States. We meet virtually over the phone or on Zoom/FaceTime.

Meet our Coaches

Coach Lex


Lex is a future registered dietitian dietetic intern with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, and a Masters of Science in Nutrition! 

Lex first got into health and fitness when she was diagnosied with Celiac Disease her freshman year of college at the University of South Carolina. She did a complete 180 and became obsessed with "clean eating" and fell into an eating disorder that she battled for 3 years. Lex found her health coaching that helped her learn to overcome the fear of eating more food. 

Now lex is eating more food then ever, killing her goals, and helping other women do the exact same thing.